“If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, Just go right along and you’ll start happening too”

Dr Zeus


Dr Zeus and Allan Kaprow could have been good friends.

Maybe they were.


Maybe their ideas were from the same plane.

Maybe they were one and the same.


Just go right along,

And here we are back to trying not to try.


“Back again? I can understand that… you seem to go on forever”

Thanks Carrieanne, It makes more sense now.


Maybe we do go on forever, trying not to try but to go right along and start happening with the best of them.


Back again? I understand that. The best ideas always come back around. Ideas from Nowhere? No.

Ideas that are Now Here? Maybe. Sometimes


Back again?

I understand that now. 

One thought on “Ideas from nowhere!

  1. Response to some gorgeous text: The best ideas come back around to the mind, to surface and sprawl from there sanctuary. Moving through ground that lay before them, ground set by certain conditions. The condition of feeling at ease, put in place by the right people (thanks Phil and the Drawing Shed) and the determination of the self. Here the trying is matched by the not trying (the effortlessness of a good sensation; challenge is matched with reward. Perhaps why we go on forever…

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