‘Find a place you trust and then try trusting it for a while’

Near the end of the project, on the day we held the writing workshop, someone commented to me, that ‘I understand that, not knowing where to put yourself in a public place’. When I jokingly retorted, after they commented on my moving around that, I was ‘just deciding where to put myself’. In some ways this was a constant, placing myself, despite already being placed.

It may be that despite choosing a place to trust, there are still many decisions to be made within it, it can even be uncomfortable, this isn’t alack of trust. We can sit with the uncomfortableness – there’s a sense of existing within a predetermined structure, in which a multitude is possible. And we can sit with the uncomfortableness cause we are aware it will either become something else or it will pass. And endurance is important, perhaps this is what is meant by ‘Trusting it for a while’.

This project felt extremely placed in the duration in many ways. I don’t mean to say durational performance, I mean the duration for which the tone could be set from day to day, certain experiences or reactions by visitors temporarily transforming the space into something else, but in a way that would always dissipate, would never sustain. This isn’t a bad thing, it leads to experiencing things in a different way. We experience and consider the ‘art’ differently. Perhaps we are able to more intensely experience, we take things at face value, and we let ourselves trust them for what they are.

Rebecca Lindsay – Addy

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