The IdeasFromElse[W}here arts lab is a great space to VOLUNTEER with – curated by the drawing shed artists Sally Labern and Bobby Lloyd with performance artist Jordan Mackenzie, Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park E17 is activated by artists, makers and the public who are all ‘thinking through making’

JOIN US for an opportunity to meet the artists who are making work in the park and the gallery every day until July 13th.

VOLUNTEERS will receive a simple volunteer agreement and we are happy to pay £5 per day for refreshments as well as travel costs and you will be asked to save your receipts.

What is expected of Volunteers?

  • to welcome people into the arts lab,
  • get into conversations with the artists so that you can tell others about what’s going on!
  • assist an artist who may need accompanying whilst they make new work or are researching a new project
  •  help people navigate their way around The Public Typing Pool with foolscap paper and carbon copies!
  • Join us for Thursday evenings until 7.45pm for arts events where the public are joining us for arts and refreshments!
  • HAVE SOME FUN, MEET A GREAT TEAM, see some brilliant work being made, conversations in process…. an arts lab, thinking through making!

CONTACT US AT thedrawingshed.live@gmail.com and we will get back to you the same day!

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